Ciao! 👋

I am Ernesto Arbitrio a 🇮🇹 Software Engineer turned Senior Software Engineer when I turned 36 😏.

Maybe we have met each other on Twitter @pamaron or GitHub @ernestoarbitrio before.

Considering I do not use social networks often, so you probably don’t know me! Let me introduce myself: I build analytics software products for a living, I started programming Python in 2008, sometimes I do speak at PyCon conferences.

Personal Projects 📒

Beside my professional projects I also invest some of my spare time in personal projects:

  • Histolab a library for Digital Pathology Image Processing.
  • Pytest Runner a Visual Studio Code extension useful to run pytest locally and on a 🐳 docker container.

Speaking 📢

I have been speaking for several years at PyCon Italia, PyData and Europython and also some meetups (Pytrento, Python Pizza). You can find some of the slides for my talks here.

Short Bio 👤

I am a Senior Software Engineer at / YouGov.

I am a Python passionate (almost addicted).

I am actively involved in the PyCon Italia organization.